Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter Nail Colors 2014

Advance Happy Easter guys! So today, let me share you my favorite Easter Nail Colors. Yeah, I know you're tired of my daily life motivational posts. (Are you? haha) I'm into painting my nails a lot of time the half of April 2014 and here it is!

I love green! You know how much I like green and since it's already summer here in the Philippines, I decided to put it on my nails. I really love how this pastel green turned so tinted on my nails.

You just have to basically add a nice topcoat and here it is! shiny  green nails!

 Next for Easter Sunday is this yellow and pink dotted nails which I did Yesterday. (Oh yeah I know I'm not good at it but I just want to share it with you guys! Don't judge me, haha)

I started painting my nails a baby pink color nail polish then to add some cuteness effect, I just put on some yellow dots on top of it. I did a reversed-color on my ring finger. 

I kinda messed it out on my right ring finger! Okay, I won't change it anyway.
I hope you learn something from this post, and have a nice day!

Don't Over Analyze

"Life sucks sometimes." 

That's how negative I was for thinking that living my life was worst before I could even realize how blessed I am for having this kind of opportunity. Before, I always tend to count my mistakes, my hardships and every little negative thing that was happening in my life. 

Sometimes I blame other people for experiencing things which I thought that I didn't deserve.That was me. That was really bad. I think and over analyze too many things which little did I know that could make life worst and complicated. 

Have you ever experienced the same like thinking that you should have not been born in this world if you only experience pain and being frustrated?

 I did. I was a kind of girl who think too much, compare my life to those (I think) perfect people I see on magazines, televisions and social media. Think of those people who happened to have some physical problems, those people who are suffering from loneliness of being left alone by their loved ones, those people who think that you're even better than themselves. 

You're lucky enough to make good changes in your life and live positively. You just have to realize that we are different people in this world, living with a purpose and spreading love. We are not perfect. We may not have those what we call worldly riches, beautiful faces and bodies and other material things. We don't really need them. We can't bring that with us when we die. We should focus on helping people, creating happiness from simple things and being contented with what we have.

Loving ourselves is more important in the first place, because we can't love other person if we don't know how to give importance and respect to ourselves. Loving and sharing is two different things that lead us into peace. Don't over analyze. If things go beyond your expectations, then leave it. Get over from it and create another plans. Life isn't how much you'll gain, but how much you'll learn. There is no successful people who go up without experiencing pain, frustrations and rejection. Time can heal. Don't expect too much from people because sometimes, or I mean most of the time there are broken promises and unexpected things. 

Let go and move on with a smile and sincerity in your heart. Show your love to those people who are important to you. Take care of those who love you. Sooner or later, you'll see love blossoming like the most beautiful thing that you've ever seen. Love deeply. Do what makes you happy without hurting anyone. Talk and make friends. 

Never over analyze things. There is a perfect timing and there is a reason for everything that is happening right now. Believe and love the life you didn't ever wanted. That's the most challenging thing that you can do. Challenge yourself with those kinds of thinking. There is no right or wrong. Keep trying and open up your mind for the positive energy around you.

Happy Easter every one!
You are all precious.


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